Saturday, December 09, 2006
Vows of Abstinence
I have two things to tell you.

1. I lovelovelove the New York Times Style section. They have the most fascinating articles.

2. Earlier this year, I took a vow of abstinence... from shopping. For approximately 4 weeks. It was long and painful and it was sort of penance for a lot of shopping that I did prior to that, plus it was sort of a sacrifice to all the gods and goddesses who could help me -- because the 4 weeks ended just before the release of my all-important A Level examination results and I was rather terrified of flunking or something, though in the end I did fine. I'm Indian, Indians do all sorts of weird penances and pilgrimages in order to believe that their wishes are more likely to come true. I took a vow of abstinence from shopping, okay?

Therefore, this article really struck a nerve. I cannot fathom how she managed to go a whole year without any clothes-shopping whatsoever. My own penance didn't really last long enough for me to start hating my clothes (or I guess the feeling of I-Have-No-Clothes happens to me regularly enough even when I've just been shopping, is it just me or does that happen to everyone?)

However, it did make me realise the pleasure of waiting for something until you know that you really must have it - which explains the spree at the end of my 4 weeks. Normally I'm too impatient to think about purchases, I just buy and often regret because in Singapore, stores don't tend to have the friendliest return policies. Most of the time they force you to exchange it for something even if there's really nothing else you want from the store, and some stores even have a no return/no exchange policy. It is quite rare that you can just return something, no questions asked. I love that American stores have lots of flexibility when it comes to accommodating the fluctuating fancies of frivolous fashionistas. Oh look at that alliteration, it breaks my heart.

So tell me, what's the longest time you've been without shopping?


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from Blogger Monika:
I thought i was the only one! I absolutely love the New York Times Style section. I wasted about 4 hours going back and reading back issues online. The NYT is probably the only newspaper that made me want to go shopping that very moment!! :)
from Anonymous Anonymous:
The longest I've gone is about 3 weeks. By the end of it (when I had saved up enough money) I was ready to spend everything I had.

But then again, there have been times when I have have wanted to spend money, but just never found anything that really caught my eye in stores.
from Blogger Moi:
The longest I've gone without shopping is probably one week. I cannot go longer than that! And if I make a conscious decision not to shop, it'll just make it even worse for me.