Friday, December 08, 2006
Dear College Wardrobe...
Question: "So I have a question I know you all can answer.I'm from Florida. I am a flip flop connoisseur. I own 30 pairs and wear nothing else unless I absolutely have too. But I really need something else in my shoe wardrobe!! Something for winter and something a flip flop girl would be comfortable in (but not uggs) I've been looking at boots, but my calves are usually too big to fit in them (its the running, its good for your heart, bad for making your calves larger than boots) and the fact they're high-heeled which isn't usually comfortable. Do you have any other ideas? I'm also going to Paris in March where it's in the 40's, so Im looking for something fashionable and comfy to wear around walking everywhere.Thanks for anything you can find! I love TCW!"

Dear reader: You've come to the right place! I'm not much of a runner myself (not motivated enough...props to you for being healthy!) but I feel your pain about finding shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable, something that is very important to all of us here at TCW (and by all of us, I mean Aparna and I).

Although it may seem like the only options for a college girl as far as boots are Uggs and heels, there are plenty of other options out there (and thank GOD. I'm sick of Uggs. My friend commented the other day that she wanted to buy a pair and I told her I sincerely hope she never jumps on that bandwagon...). Here's some things you can look for in boots:

  • Wedge boots. Personally, I think wedge-heeled boots look even cuter than normal high-heeled boots, and they're a bit more comfortable with the solid heel and everything. I'm in love with these wedge boots. And because they're from Dr. Scholl's, you know they're guaranteed to keep your feet comfy.
  • Flat boots. If the wedge heel is still too much for you, you're in luck, because since last winter, flat boots have been a hit, too. While flat boots may not always appear to be the most fashionable of choices, there are plenty of cute ones if you know where to look. Try and for starters--both have plenty of options at college-friendly prices. Even Old Navy has a couple cute flat boot options.
  • Stretchy boots. These are extremely helpful for those with toned calves, because they stretch to fit your leg and don't constrain you to a certain amount of space. In fact, has a whole section devoted to stretch/wide calf boots, which I highly recommend to anyone in need of stretch boots--there's a very bountiful selection there :-)

STAY AWAY FROM FURRY STUFF. It's just a cheap Ugg imitation, and especially if you plan on wearing these in Paris, anything fur-lined will just scream "american fashion disaster." Or rather, "une americaine qui n'est pas en mode." Or "tres depuis trois ans" (so three years ago). Or whatever. You know, my french is really, really rusty since I got to college because I have no one to speak it with anymore! I'm jealous that you're going to Paris, I'd love an opportunity like that! Bonne vacances!

*Got a question of your own? send it in and me or aparna will do our best to answer it :-)

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
from Blogger Ashley:
I looove you! Thank you so much. Dr. Scholl's wedge boots, I never even considered! Thanks so much!
from Blogger Melissa:
Thank you guys so much for your last two posts. I really like the concept of taking new fashion trends, or old even, and explaining the little details that go with them. It's great for girls like me who would love to wear an outfit or a certain piece but don't feel comfortable as they may be unsure of the dos and don'ts concerning it. Personally, I have a ton of vintage and handmade pieces in my closet that I'd love to wear more often but that I don't due to fear of being a fashion don't So thank you, for not only showing us some of the latest fashions but also breaking them down into manageable pieces.