Thursday, November 30, 2006
Catherine Deneuve/Kate Walsh
I am a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan. And Addison's probably my favourite female character on that show. I have the utmost admiration for her perfectly styled red hair and put-together fashion choices even while running around being a busy doctor.

Anyway this post really has nothing to do with fashion so I'll stop pretending that it does. What I want to say is, does anybody remember that episode in Season 2 of Grey's that a patient's husband tells Addison that she looks like Catherine Deneuve? Well I thought it was just a random remark, but a couple of days I watched Belle De Jour, a classic movie starring Catherine Deneuve when she was much younger. And the resemblance between her and Kate Walsh is... STARTLING, to say the least.

Television and film are my other great passions, apart from fashion, so I just thought I'd share.

Guess who's who!
Roland Mouret for Gap opens soon!
Tomorrow is the first day of December - leaving aside my amazement at just how fast this year has gone, I am excited because Roland Mouret's collection for Gap opens in NYC stores sometime soonish! I am honestly a little bit tired of Gap, but I am crossing my fingers that RM won't disappoint. I really like the red t-shirt dress, especially because I've been trying to think of some way to support the Inspi(red) campaign without having to plaster a slogan across my chest.

Items underlined in red on my itinerary for NYC trip next week (yeah I was just there for Thanksgiving but I was sitting at uncle's house eating and playing with adorable cousin, only ventured into Manhattan for a couple of hours the day I arrived, so This Is My Chance) --

Gap store
Uniqlo store
An Earnest Cut & Sew

I will add more things as I think of them. If any of you are reading from NYC kindly suggest more stores to visit (affordable, preferably, though I am equally wont to go into, say, Tiffany&Co to ogle baubles.)

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$40 off shoes, courtesy of Closet Therapy Blog
Get $40 off your purchase of $80 or more at, using this link. When your cart reaches $80, the $20 discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart. Then enter coupon code KKCTMQXI for an -additional- $20 off and free shipping!

By the way, to get the second $20 discount for which CT so graciously provided the code, the shoes must be shipped from

Some of my picks:

Ok it is annoying me to no end that for some reason I can't save any of the pictures on amazon because they're GIF images? I don't know what's going on, but anyway check out Nine West, BCBGirls, Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden. Loads of great deals. As soon as I can figure out what's going on I'll put up pictures.


So finals prep is killing me, I'm attending a frat formal Friday night for which I have yet to put together the perfect outfit, and next Wednesday at 6-fricking-15 in the morning I'm off for winter break so I also have a ton of packing to do before then. Oh and I haven't done laundry in a while, so I have to get on that.

So I need some procrastination time, right? How do I procrastinate? I (window)-shop online. And I just found an excellent site to nurture this obsession - very relaxing and recreational in my opinion, but nonetheless a rather unhealthy obsession - of mine.
Looking at the sitetracker for The College Wardrobe really yields a wealth of information, because sites that link to us are likely to be sites that are interested in the same things as us. I love technology.

New products are added to the site at breakneck speed, and given my penchant for posting lots of pictures, I love the "less talk, more pictures" tagline.

Some of the cutest, most covetable items I've seen in the last five minutes (rest assured by the time you check the site out there'll be hundreds more:

Matiko Laura flats. LOVE the colour. Saturated enough to be exciting and yet subtle enough for fall/winter.

Corduroy Blazer by Thalia Sodi. Only $26.99 and it's so classy-looking! I would try to check this out in person before purchasing, though, because a price like that just might be too good to be true.

Lauren Stripe Flat by Dru New York. $110. I have a weakness for black-and-white-and-red. And for stripes or polka dots. Unfortunately the one pair of really cute black-and-white polka dotted flats I scored sometime in July turned out to be too small, and they were the last pair at the store so I went home and cried for a while.

And, naturally, there's the expensive stuff like this Marissa V Josephine top. Perfectly romantic, perfect for layering. Only problem is it's 139 British pounds, which is... ouch. But for those of us (you, I mean, because I certainly can't. yet.) who can afford it, this fantastic site evidently offers some very attractive high-end stuff!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Sealed With a Kiss...and With Style!

I am all over this Kate Spade holiday stationary. Who knew Kate Spade made holiday cards? Nevertheless, they're adorable, stylish, and will give all your friends and family that warm-and-fuzzy holiday feeling. I particularly love the "Reindeer cocktails" and "Hope Peace Cookies" designs :-)

Check it out here


Roll out of bed and go to class
So, let's ignore the timestamps on this blog for a second because they're on Singapore time. Here in Illinois, it is currently 12:12 am on Wednesday morning. I just got home from spending 4 hours studying at the library. I will probably be up for at least another 2 hours reviewing for my upcoming final exams. AND I have class at 9 am, in approximately nine hours. Needless to say, it doesn't look like I'll be getting enough sleep tonight, or ever.

On those mornings when you're just too get exhausted to get out of bed for early classes, forcing yourself to get ready for class can be a lost cause. But I just came across an awesome article that featured some extremely helpful time-saving tips for your morning get-ready routines. Remember: each of these tips can save you several precious minutes of sleep AND leave you looking well-rested and put together for class...what could be better?

Organize Your Makeup: Just like your mom put your outfit out the night before school, have your makeup out and ready to go so you're not running around looking for your things in the morning. Arrange products in the order you will put them on.

Prep Hair Ahead Of Time: If you straighten your hair, do it the night before or, if you use curlers, put them in first thing in the morning to let them set while you get ready. You can also save time with an ionic blow dryer, such as the T3 Tourmaline model. Testers say it can cut drying time by up to 60 percent.

Use Multi-Tasking Products: Save time by killing two birds with one stone. Go for 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products. These multi-taskers save you from searching for multiple products and they remove extra steps. Examples include tinted moisturizers, moisturizers with sun block, multi-purpose makeup colors, conditioners combined with anti-frizz, and in-shower body moisturizers.
Use Bronzer For Instant Glow: Bronzers add a quick healthy glow to any complexion year round.

Don't Skip The Eyelash Curler: Curling your lashes instantly makes your eyes look wider and brighter. And know how to use one: starting at the base or root of the upper eyelashes and working your way out to the middle of the lashes.

Keep Vaseline Handy For Quick Fixes: Vaseline is a must-have beauty product. It's inexpensive and has multiple uses. You can apply on lips to moisturize, on upper cheeks for a "glow" or dewy effect, to smooth or tame brows, and to condition and darken eye lashes. It can also be used to fake a fresh manicure. Apply Vaseline on cuticles as a moisturizer when your nails look shabby and you have no time for a manicure. The sheen allows it to last longer than plain old hand cream.

Full article available here. Got any tips of your own to share? Feel free to comment!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006
It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year...*
Morning, everyone! Hope all you college fashionistas residing in the US of A had a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving break, enjoyed some turkey and sleep, and didn't get too crazy on Black Friday...although I know I did! The deals at macy's were too good to pass up!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we're back to the grind, and the last three weeks of the semester for us means studying, shopping, studying, finals, parties, presents, and, oh yeah, studying...but I'm not letting that get me down, because winter is here! I love this festive season more than any other time of the year. And besides, it's the one time of year you have a legitmate reason to shop often. Here's a few cute items I've spotted that will make everyone's holiday season a little brighter:

David Meister Strapless Cocktail dress, This dress is perfect for holiday parties, not to mention absolutely gorgeous! At $105, it's a little pricey, but sure to be worth it, as it can be worn over and over again with a few different choice accessories!

Catalina Peep Toe Pump by Hype,
gorgeous red pumps--so perfect to get you in the holiday mood!

And finally, winter coats!

AK Anne Klein double-breasted wool coat, This wool coat is warm and stylish and will last for many winters to come. I particularly love the red, but the camel shade is pretty too!

*Pardon the cliche christmas carol-esque title, but I am all about getting into the holiday spirit here :-)


Monday, November 27, 2006
Excitement and exclamation marks!
I hate to toot my own horn (or like I said a few posts ago, I really don't but I have ot say it anyway) -- but I am really excited because The College Wardrobe has earned its first magazine mention! In a subsidiary of Newsweek called Current, no less! Lots more exclamation marks!

Check it out here.

Also, hope you girls had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving full of great food and even better shopping. I scored a very trendy long grey cardigan, black suede ankle boots, and grey suede ballet flats. Along with the gorgeous red toggle coat I bought on impulse pre-Thanksgiving, my wardrobe is grinning very widely right now!

Coming up soon: wishlists and gift guides!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!
So Thanksgiving is finally here!

I'm off to New York for the rest of the week, to get some much-needed Rest, Relaxation and Retail Therapy. Enjoy yourselves, my dear fellow college girls. You deserve it. And don't forget to take full advantage of all the full post-Thanksgiving sales.

If you want to start bargain-hunting right now, Fabsugar has a great list of Friends&Family discounts available online.

And before I go off to finally start packing, here's a little picture of J.Lo and her latest dress. I think she's a big ol' diva and she's made some terrible fashion choices in the past (to say the least) but every once in a while she puts on a glorious dress like this, and it just makes my jaw drop. That colour is just gorgeous. I have such a weakness for clothes that are any sort of red.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006
So how much do you love the new picture?
I hate to be so self-flattering (actually that's not true, I don't care much about being seen as egotistical) but I love this picture. It's my favourite pictures from the ones I took in New York in September. This particular one is from the day before New York Fashion Week began, which was tragically also the day I left New York for Chicago. If I'd stayed on in New York for a couple of days I'd have definitely devised some ingenious way to get myself into the tents at Bryant Park.

So yeah the whole theme of Vying and Begging and Mad for designer duds? Perfectly sums up the fashion-crazy college girl's existence, in my not-so-humble opinion. We're (most of us) still at the stage where we're dreaming of owning those perfect little YSL booties, lusting after the Marni coats, coveting the Temperley dresses and trying to make do with the new mass-market luxury trend which is going on right now. But Roland Mouret for Gap, as many have discovered, is hardly the Roland Mouret perfection that we've seen on the catwalks.

For now, while we Pine For Proenza we'll keep on dreaming of the day when we'll be whizzing around New York in one of those cute yellow cabs, on our way to a fantastic show at Bryant Park.

Speaking of shows at Bryant Park, there's a new fashionista in the blogosphere!
Check out View From The Fourth Row. It's honest, outrageous and downright hilarious!


Where are you studying?
So this is kind of cool and a little bit creepy, but I did promise that I would use the sitemeter to sinisterly stalk my readers, so today I found out that I could see which university networks were logging onto this blog!

It's only compiled from the last 100 users who visited my blog, though, so here it is:
University Of Wisconsin-Madison
Cornell University
University Of California At Berkeley
New York University
Washington University St. Louis
Boston University
University Of Connecticut
Vanderbilt University
University Of Maryland
Mcgill University
Temple University
Northwestern University
University Of Chicago
University Of Southern California
University Of Missouri-Columbia
The George Washington University
University Of Massachusetts
University Of Pennsylvania
Yale University
Emory University
University Of California San Diego
Mary Washington College
Madison County Schools

I'm really glad that my blog's reaching readers from all over the country and in Canada as well! And I think it's a really interesting aspect of writing a college fashion blog, to discover that so many girls who must be extremely smart, educated and ambitious also have an avid interest in fashion. I love that always being stylish - frivolous as some people denounce this to be - doesn't have to be divorced from conventional measures of success. Though of course we can't forget that fashion is an expensive hobby so the pursuit of academic and financial success is not something many of us can afford to turn our noses up at!

So I'm curious - whether you're at one of those schools or another one altogether inside or outside the US, leave me a comment telling me where you're studying and a little bit about college fashion at your school. Even if 'college fashion' is a completely alien concept where you're studying, tell us about some of the walking fashion disasters you've seen. Let's entertain each other, ladies!


Last Call

Ladies, Neiman Marcus' Last Call is here!
Some fantastic stuff is heavily discounted, I just wish I'd cut down on the earlier shopping in anticipation of this.

Go wild!


UK Vogue and other random things

I want - no, I NEED - a copy of the UK Vogue 90th anniversary issue. However, my campus bookstore doesn't carry it. Do regular bookstores in the city carry UK Vogue or will I have to call my mother and implore that she pick me up a copy in Singapore and keep it waiting for me in December?

I miss living in a relatively more international city. I could get UK Vogue, Australian Voguem, French Vogue or Italian Vogue whenever I wanted and all pretty easily. Or maybe it's just that I knew where to get them. UK, US and Australian are all available quite widely at newstands in Singapore though. French and Italian are harder to find but I knew where.

I can't wait for December! Much as I love fall dressing, I'm excited to briefly be able to lounge around in skirts and cute little t-shirts or tank tops. And flip-flops! (Much as I love heels and boots and all that jazz.)


Sunday, November 12, 2006
Proenza Schouler for Target!

I am SO EXCITED about this. I don't think this collaboration has even been officially announced yet -- I found the pictures on the Jane Magazine Dress&Primp blog, Catherine scanned them in from the invitation to the launch. This looks like the most promising line I've seen so far from Target Go International. Behnaz Sarafpour was exciting but I was a little disappointed by the clothes. This line, however, looks wearable and cute and very very Proenza. I wish I could see the front view of the coat because it looks adorable.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006
Viktor&Rolf for H&M

The collection opened on Thursday in New York, as soon as I get the time I will be checking out H&M in Chicago to see what it's like. I hear that there's a lot of romantic embellishment - bows and hearts, which sounds a little... busy for my tastes, but I'll give it a chance.

From FashionWireDaily, "It was, in fact, hard to find a Viktor and Rolf's women's item that was not festooned with one or the other, from the heart buckle on a pouf-skirted trench coat to the white, quilted-heart puffer jacket to the delicate bow print that snaked across t-shirts and sweaters to the outsized chiffon bow that engulfed the torso of the V and R wedding dress - the first in H and M's 59-year history (and, at $349, a relative steal compared to the duo's usual couture-level bridal price tags)."

The outfit below is definitely worth further investigation. I love the Edwardian-style blouse, very romantic. The skirt's cute but not something I'd wear in the winter, most probably. Might look cute and slightly edgy with tights and high boots. Especially those gorgeous over-the-knee Ralph Laurens that are currently being sported by everyone who can afford them! But if you are fortunate enough to be wearing those boots with this skirt, streamline the top or else the whole outfit is going to be Trend Overload.

To check out more pictures of the collection, see this post at Fabsugar.

Sounds like it's worth taking a look at, at the very least! If any of you get the chance to check it out, please report back to let the rest of us know what you think!

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Monday, November 06, 2006
Sweet Smell of Denim
I thought this was interesting, because I have a friend who's obsessed with designer denim and I was wondering if he'd go so far as to invest in a pair of sugar-scented jeans.

From the New York Times --

"In addition to such urgent matters as straightness of seam or skinnyness of leg, designer-denim fanatics have something new to obsess over: aroma. Sugar Cane, a 40-year-old line that is available in the United States for the first time is made of Japanese selvage and spun with sugar-cane fibers, to emphasize the fabric’s subtle shading. The men’s jeans — some with a button fly and a stovepipe cut cribbed from vintage Levi’s — are about $300. Three styles, and one very sweet aroma."

At Blue in Green, 8 Greene Street, New York City.
Okay girls now I'm finally back in the blogging world -- I've been making little posts, fixing up the links on the sidebar and I added a sitemeter so I can creepily stalk all the people who read this blog.

Now winter is almost upon us, atleast for those of us this far up in the northern hemisphere. I do know that we have atleast one reader from South Africa and a bunch from Singapore and other parts of Asia to whom winterwear means absolutely nothing right now (or ever). So wherever you are, I want to know, what would you like me to blog about? This time I promise that all your questions will actually be given proper attention :)

Let the comments roll!


The World's First...

A new Coutorture feature being launched at:

In the spirit of social news sites like Digg, Reddit, and Lipstick, Coutorture has developed a site that will allow all users to submit and vote on the top fashion news stories of the day. Anyone who registers can submit a story and the entire user community will vote on the piece to determine its placement. The stories can come from any space in fashion whether traditional media, blogs, magazines, or forums. It is up to you the users to decide what gets top billing!

Please submit your own stories, vote on current stories, and post about the new service on your own blogs.

The new service will be as social and interactive as possible including user profiles, friend capabilities and much more!

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Saturday, November 04, 2006
Roland Mouret for Gap!
I am a huge fan of Roland Mouret's designs so this is exciting news indeed. My personal opinion is that the grey shapeless (caftan? shirtdress? nightshirt?) thing on the left is really not the most flattering dress you could go for, but the navy dress in the middle is Really Cute and the red on the right is great great burst of colour for a winter wardrobe, and it's tres chic when layered over a striped or printed top. Also loving the tights and cute mary-janes. Definitely try this look if you can get away with minidresses and tights this winter (in other words, if you're not already freezing your butt off in, say, Chicago!)

From Women's Wear Daily:

"The American retailer has linked with British designer Roland Mouret to launch a capsule collection of dresses, mainly in select stores in Europe but also at a handful of units in New York. The collection will arrive in 160 Gaps in the U.K., Ireland and France on Nov. 7 and should hit the New York stores a few weeks later, according to Stephen Sunnucks, president of Europe, Gap Inc. International.

"A very small selection will go into six or seven Manhattan stores by late November, early December," Sunnucks said Monday during a press breakfast to unveil the line, which will be on sale only until the end of December."

I will definitely put Gap on my to-go list when I'm in New York this December. I'd love to score that navy dress.

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Lucky Shops - Nov 9 & 10, 2006
Lucky, the award winning magazine about shopping, will host its third annual LUCKY SHOPS event. Lucky’s team of experts have carefully edited and selected their favorite fashions, handbags, shoes, and jewelry, with most selling at up to 70% off retail! I wish I could go, but most tragically this huge event is a mere two weeks before I head to New York for Thanksgiving!

I'll definitely be logging onto, though, just to make sure I get my fair share of shopalicious fun!

A portion of proceeds from tickets and select merchandise sales will benefit Baby Buggy®, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing New York City's families in need with essential equipment, clothing, and products for their infants and young children.

LUCKY SHOPS features two exciting new shopping opportunities not be missed:

Love Recycled® Boutique - a shop filled with one-of-a-kind, collectible pieces donated by some of the world’s most well-known and best-dressed women including Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane von Furstenberg and Lisa Rinna.
The Ultimate Closet - a chic boutique featuring extraordinary designers curated by KIRNA ZABÊTE and SCOOP NYC for Baby Buggy®. Designers featured in The Ultimate Closet will be: Allegra Hicks, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Chloé, Derek Lam, DKNY, Elizabeth Hurley, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kors Accessories, Louis Vuitton, Muriel Brandolini, Peter Som, Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Thakoon, Tracy Reese, Tuleh, Vanessa Bruno, Zac Posen and more.


Lucky Shops Consumer Pre-Sale Party

Thursday, November 9th from 4PM – 8PM

$65.00 in advance, $75.00 at the door.

Lucky Shops Consumer Shopping Day

Friday, November 10th from 11AM – 7PM

$40.00 in advance, $50.00 at the door.

An invitation-only fundraiser will kick-off LUCKY SHOPS on November 8th. The event will be hosted by Lucky’s Vice President and Publisher Sandy Golinkin, Editor in Chief Kim France and co-chaired by Jessica Seinfeld and Molly Sims.

Gotham Hall --1356 Broadway (at 36th Street) – New York City


To purchase tickets please call 866-4LUCKYU (866-458-2598) or order online at while supplies last. Phone orders will incur an additional service charge of $2.00 plus tax on every order. Online orders incur a service charge $4.00 per ticket plus tax on every order.


Friday, November 03, 2006

If someone is more fortunate than me and able to afford these gorgeous boots by Frye for $325, kindly buy them and savour them.

Available here.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006
Mind games

It disturbs me a fair bit that when I saw that picture on Popsugar, I just had one glance at the back of her head (didn't even scroll down to see the jeans and the boots) and I knew it was Gisele.

Also the next thing I noticed was that she's carrying a Dior Gaucho. For a moment I wondered if it might be a Bottega Veneta but the little buckle on the handle is clearly a Gaucho trademark. And the other pictures confirmed my suspicions.

I think it's clear that I spend far too much of my time surfing fashion/celeb gossip websites. I should probably reallocate some of my time to making my mind work faster when it comes to... math or economics or something. Or maybe get around to giving you girls a good ol' fashion-filled post! I've been obsessed with coats lately so I think a post is forthcoming. Hang tight!

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