Sunday, December 03, 2006
The fabulousness that is SheSheMe, and a question for you readers
There's a million fashion websites/blogs out there and clearly none of us has time to read them all. But one website that I just absolutely love is It's witty and well-written and always interesting. I'm particularly loving their Holiday Gift Guide!

And my question/dilemma for readers is this: when I sat down in front of my laptop today with the intent of writing a post for TCW, I realized I had no idea what to write about, which is when I resort to posting links to things I like reading.

So, question: what do you guys want to see from TCW? What do you want posts about? Aparna and I love tailoring posts to what people want to read about, so gve us what you've got!


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from Anonymous Lauren:
Hey TCW --

I'd love to see a list of what you guys want for the holidays. Everyone always does 'gift giving' stuff, but what kinds of things do YOU want?

from Blogger Peacelover:
Yeah, I'd like to see that too.
from Anonymous Anonymous:
I'd love to know what I can buy now that will carry over into spring! Although it may be a little too early for that..