Saturday, December 09, 2006
Chicago's Fashion Czar
Just read a rather exciting article about the future of Chicago's fashion scene - from the New York Times.

"In June, the mayor appointed a fashion czar — or, more precisely, a director of fashion arts and events — to upgrade his city’s sartorial sensibility. Daley’s choice for the position, a former corporate lawyer and fashion-marketing graduate named Melissa Turner, will not function as the apparel police; there will be no edicts against too-long hemlines or tacky ties. Rather, with the help of a 20-member advisory council, Turner will help nurture the design industry to the point at which it can potentially compete with the thriving design scenes in New York and Los Angeles."

Frankly, the Midwest has its fair share of people who are just BEGGING to be arrested by the fashion police, but even just a person whose job is to bring dynamism and flair to the fashion industry in Chicago, is a very exciting development indeed!

"For those questioning the value of a fashion czar, Mayor Daley can point to a position the city created a decade ago: culinary director. Since that time, Chicago has become known as a foodie paradise."

So true! Melissa Turner oversaw Fashion Focus Chicago this fall, but I am embarrassed to say I don't know if Chicago regularly has a week of runway shows by established designers. Whatever it is, I can't wait for the day when designers will be falling all over themselves to show in Chicago. (A girl can dream. Or she can head to New York.)


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from Blogger Nisha:
oh man. we native chicagoans will one day be able to revel in Chicago Fashion Week!! yay :-)