Thursday, November 30, 2006
Roland Mouret for Gap opens soon!
Tomorrow is the first day of December - leaving aside my amazement at just how fast this year has gone, I am excited because Roland Mouret's collection for Gap opens in NYC stores sometime soonish! I am honestly a little bit tired of Gap, but I am crossing my fingers that RM won't disappoint. I really like the red t-shirt dress, especially because I've been trying to think of some way to support the Inspi(red) campaign without having to plaster a slogan across my chest.

Items underlined in red on my itinerary for NYC trip next week (yeah I was just there for Thanksgiving but I was sitting at uncle's house eating and playing with adorable cousin, only ventured into Manhattan for a couple of hours the day I arrived, so This Is My Chance) --

Gap store
Uniqlo store
An Earnest Cut & Sew

I will add more things as I think of them. If any of you are reading from NYC kindly suggest more stores to visit (affordable, preferably, though I am equally wont to go into, say, Tiffany&Co to ogle baubles.)

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