Thursday, December 07, 2006
How to wear a boyfriend sweater
One of our readers pointed out that boyfriend sweaters look gorgeous on VS models, but they're difficult for real girls to wear. This is true. However, like most things, there's a right and wrong way to wear a boyfriend sweater.

Don't wear it with baggy old jeans. You want to look sexy, like you just tossed that ol' thing on - and damn right it's a killer colour which sets off your eyes just so. We could have a whole long discussion here about why it's called a boyfriend sweater (and I don't know the right answer) but I'm pretty sure that looking like your boyfriend is not the objective.

Also, don't wear a sweater that's both oversized and chunky. That would be a little too retro in a rather unflattering way. Go for a light weave that accentuates your curves rather than amplifies/muffles them.


Wear it with sexy jeans. Especially when you're running around campus, this is comfy and chic. I have hips and am therefore afraid of skinnies, but skinnies + boyfriend sweater + ballet flats/ankle boots + large tote = cuteness! Try these NFY skinnies with these flats by Pedro Garcia. I'm not normally into skulls on my clothes, but I am quite enchanted by the cute little skull on those adorable flats! Oops, I am afraid to admit they're $450, so try these cute red ones by Bandolino for a much friendlier $65.

Alternatively, trouser jeans like these Seven For All Mankind Farrah Trouser Jeans would be perfect. Whatever it is that you pick, make sure they're well-tailored to set off the casualness of the sweater.

Wear it over a slip dress or a sweet little strapless dress.

Try it cinched at the waist with a thick leather belt to give it more definition.

You could also wear a boyfriend sweater with an ultra feminine vintage-style full knee-length skirt.

Don't forget to accessorise! Scarves, jewellery, heels.

Go for it!


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from Blogger Ashley:
I love the trouser jeans! they're fabulous!

So I have a question I know you all can answer.
I'm from Florida. I am a flip flop connoisseur. I own 30 pairs and wear nothing else unless I absolutely have too. But I really need something else in my shoe wardrobe!! Something for winter and something a flip flop girl would be comfortable in (but not uggs) I've been looking at boots, but my calves are usually too big to fit in them (its the running, its good for your heart, bad for making your calves larger than boots) and the fact they're high-heeled which isn't usually comfortable. Do you have any other ideas? I'm also going to Paris in March where it's in the 40's, so Im looking for something fashionable and comfy to wear around walking everywhere.
Thanks for anything you can find! I love TCW!
from Blogger Nisha:
Sure thing Ashley! I'll get on a post to answer your question this weekend for sure :-)
from Blogger marinamode:
Hi. Your blog is great ! I leave in France and I love fashion. If you enjoy shoes, take a look on my shoes
Marina (from France)
from Anonymous Anonymous:
If you guys are college students why is everything you feature so expensive? I was thinking a college blog would feature the same kind of style (you get that part right) but with more cheaper options. Most college students are not the wealthiest
from Blogger aparna:
Anonymous, you make a very good point. We try to be budget-conscious, but I guess sometimes we fail quite miserably. I'm definitely not the wealthiest college girl around, so thank you for reminding me that the objective of TCW is to inspire more budget-friendly college fashion. It's difficult sometimes, to find affordable alternatives but we'll do our best. At the same time, I'm atleast quite prone to showing you things which I certainly can't afford but which I'm lusting after. Hopefully those can be things we'll all aspire to be able to afford one day!