Monday, December 04, 2006
Aparna Wants... Jewel tones!
I am a big fan of colours. Despite my dreams of Manhattan living, I doubt I'll ever be a monochrome girl. Carrie Bradshaw never stuck to boring greys and blacks and whites, anyway, so who says I have to, right? So here are a few things I'm coveting in the most gorgeous colours ever.

I will just keep adding to this list as I find more relevant things that I want, so watch this space! And just in case you're feeling generous, email me and I'll be glad to give you my address =P

First, a dress that I spotted on Omiru and nearly fell over of sheer joy: Elie Tahari 'Natalia', $598

Victoria's Secret Silk & Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan
in Lingonberry, $39
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from Anonymous Anonymous:
that cardigan looks awesome, but i feel like boyfriend sweaters are one of those things that look good on victoria's secret models during photo shoots but have little pull-off-ability in real life and can easily make the wrong person look frumpy. which is why i'm afraid to wear them.
from Anonymous Anonymous:
I'd like to read more comments on college fashion and lifestyle.