Thursday, November 30, 2006
So finals prep is killing me, I'm attending a frat formal Friday night for which I have yet to put together the perfect outfit, and next Wednesday at 6-fricking-15 in the morning I'm off for winter break so I also have a ton of packing to do before then. Oh and I haven't done laundry in a while, so I have to get on that.

So I need some procrastination time, right? How do I procrastinate? I (window)-shop online. And I just found an excellent site to nurture this obsession - very relaxing and recreational in my opinion, but nonetheless a rather unhealthy obsession - of mine.
Looking at the sitetracker for The College Wardrobe really yields a wealth of information, because sites that link to us are likely to be sites that are interested in the same things as us. I love technology.

New products are added to the site at breakneck speed, and given my penchant for posting lots of pictures, I love the "less talk, more pictures" tagline.

Some of the cutest, most covetable items I've seen in the last five minutes (rest assured by the time you check the site out there'll be hundreds more:

Matiko Laura flats. LOVE the colour. Saturated enough to be exciting and yet subtle enough for fall/winter.

Corduroy Blazer by Thalia Sodi. Only $26.99 and it's so classy-looking! I would try to check this out in person before purchasing, though, because a price like that just might be too good to be true.

Lauren Stripe Flat by Dru New York. $110. I have a weakness for black-and-white-and-red. And for stripes or polka dots. Unfortunately the one pair of really cute black-and-white polka dotted flats I scored sometime in July turned out to be too small, and they were the last pair at the store so I went home and cried for a while.

And, naturally, there's the expensive stuff like this Marissa V Josephine top. Perfectly romantic, perfect for layering. Only problem is it's 139 British pounds, which is... ouch. But for those of us (you, I mean, because I certainly can't. yet.) who can afford it, this fantastic site evidently offers some very attractive high-end stuff!

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from Blogger wisevice:
i remember the really cute black-and-white polka dotted flats! and talking about it at some play in jubilee hall - was it Doubt?

aaaaand will you be in NYC when I'm in the 'hood i.e. between Dec 16 and Jan 15? say yessss aps!
from Blogger aparna:
i don't think it could've been Doubt -- Doubt was in march, wasn't it? i'm pretty sure the polka-dotted shoes happened around june or july. I think it was the end of June because I remember it being around the time that I bought my Sevens.

and no, unfortunately! i'll be in NYC from the 6th to the 12th of December :/