Thursday, July 12, 2007
The rapid decline of MTV
Remember when MTV actually used to on television? Nowadays MTV is rife with plot-less reality shows and self-absorbed, spoiled teenagers such as those on Laguna Beach, The Hills, My Super Sweet 16...MTV is no longer even worth our time, sadly.

I hate Laguna Beach. On the rare occasions that I have watched it (yes, I have...) it's mostly out of a keen fascination over how such crazy people can exist and function normally in the real world when they are so clearly living in their own rich bubble of a world. I loved this post today lamenting the decline of MTV at College Candy, which talks about the ever-lame Laguna Beach spinoff The Hills:

"This show is trash. Pure garbage. White 20-somethings bitching and whining that their deep pockets aren’t deep enough and their amazing jobs aren’t amazing enough. Bleach blond breast-implanted bimbos who aren’t doing a thing to make this world a better place. Interning at Teen Vogue and working the door at some Hollywood club? This is supposed to drama? This is supposed to interesting? This is supposed to be camera worthy?

And god forbid the producers let a person of color or of a different race step into the frame. Darkly tanned and brunet does not count as diversity.

Why do people watch it? Mostly because it’s there, but also because it covers fantasy with a realistic sheen, making most of us mistakenly think we can live the same way. Not many people who move to the Hollywood Hills have millions of dollars in their bank accounts, not many people can stride into any club they please, or land topnotch internships without any experience."

Agreed! When is MTV going to come up with something creative that real people can relate to and enjoy? Or, oh, here's a fresh idea, actually showing music videos!

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I completely agree..MTV is EXTRA whack now but it still isn't as bad as BET...they have a show on their called Baldwin Hills( basically The Hills) and its SOOO Lame.
from Blogger StyleDiva:
wow, well put! i'm guilty of watching MTV every now and then, lol, but it is true that many of the images we see on such shows give us a flase reality into believing that we could live just like they do. oh well, i'm still going to watch the hills in the fall, but that's because i don't watch it as a reality, but a scripted series.
nice blog by the way!
I have to say, I am guilty of watching these shows, but I agree 100% with what you have to say. My Super Sweet 16 promotes a world of self-obssessed barbie dolls. Since when has being the coolest kid in town been about throwing the hugest party anyways? x