Thursday, February 08, 2007
Palette Du Jour: Black, Purple and Red
Purple's a difficult colour to wear, but I absolutely love it. I definitely have a weakness for red - you're probably aware of that by now. And either one of them mixed up with a little bit of black = So, So passionate, modern, regal, sexy. I adore it.

Ad Campaigns:
YSL. I am crazy about this ad. It's genius.

Miu Miu. The Lindsay Lohan doll-face edition. Not a huge fan of Ms LiLo, but the wild shopaholic teenager in me (only a teenager for 2 more months! omg.) occasionally feels a kinship to her craziness. And these ads are pretty damn special.

There's a Prada ad as well, which is very strongly red-black-purple but I've been searching for a picture online for days and I just haven't been able to find one. Maybe when I get back to Chicago I'll just scan it in from Vogue. If someone knows which one I'm talking about and has a picture available, please post a link in the comments!

S/S'07 Runways:
YSL, Gucci, Narciso Rodriguez

Zooey Deschanel and Keri Russell at Sundance - these are good examples of combining these colours in a more subtle, wearable manner. I like Zooey's quirky green boots, even if they totally clash with the rest of the colours. It's a dark enough green that she's able to pull it off.

And then there's this handbag by Gucci - available for pre-order at Bergdorf Goodman. It's not a bag I'm dying to own, but there's something very unabashedly stylish about the bold colours and the shape. I kind of like it. What do you think?
Just today I picked up the a purple and white dress from the Proenza Schouler collection for Target - it's not purple and black but I just wanted to inform you that I'm pulling some purple into my wardrobe and so should you!

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