Monday, February 05, 2007
New York Fashion Week, woohoo! And apologies
Ok, I know I haven't been around lately, and my timing is particularly unexcusable because we are right in the throes of New York's Medrcede-Benz Fall Fashion Week!!

I wish I could update this blog multiple times a day to give you readers up-to-the-minute coverage of what's going on in New York, but I can't--balancing a full schedule of 18 hours of class, a job, an internship, an a cappella group, and various other committments this semester has been very very hectic. So emails have been piling up unanswered and this blog, which has really only been a beloved hobby for me (as opposed to an avenue for a potential career, I guess), has been put on the backburner...but I'm back! I wish I could truly enjoy fashion week full-time like all the fashion industry professionals out there...but instead fashion is what I indulge on during study breaks and free time (which, by the way, is actually nonexistent right now).

Anyways, here's some things I've liked about Fall Fashion week so far, when I've had the chance to look, and/or read those pesky daily emails from

This gorgeous Luella Bartley drop-waist coat, which unfortunately can only be pulled off the by the extremely skinny, but looks nice all the same ans is everywhere for fall

This edgy Diane Von Furstenberg dress (paired with ankle boots, no less)

I loved this gorgeous gown (among other things) by Naeem Khan

For more obsessive fashion week coverage, I recommend some hotspots:
New York Magazine's Show&Talk Blog
New York Magazine's Fashion Show Index, of course (if you have time, create your own lookbook)
Fashion Wire Daily (a personal favorite of mine)
Women's Wear Daily
Coutorture, newly revamped just for fashion week

That's it for now...I'm hoping I'll be able to update a bit more this week with more fashion week related-posts, but as I've got work and school and two exams tomorrow night and a performance wednesday, I can't be sure. In the meantime, indulge yourself in all the fashion week coverage you can find, and I'll be just a little bit jealous...

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