Wednesday, February 14, 2007
14 February 2007
Happy Valentine's Day, my beauties!

If you're deliciously single on this day of Hallmark insanity, buy yourself a piece of clothing that's as divinely, fashion-forwardly red as this piece by Christopher Kane from his latest collection which just showed in London. And even if you're not a member of the Swinging Singles Club, I think we can allow you some buying of red gorgeousness, no? Just to show your man candy that you're Hot Stuff.

(Note that the minis-with-tights-and-ankle-boots has continued on its merry way across the Atlantic as well. This is a big trend, folks.)

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from Blogger gsquared:
I've been loving the colour red for the past year or so, especially deep, rich reds like burgundy and maroon. It's such a classic colour and is a nice pop to regular black or white:)

Anyways, I've finally joined the blogging world and linked you to my site. Feel free to do the same :)