Saturday, March 17, 2007
Hey sweethearts! I know this here blog's been severely inactive, and that's absolutely unforgivable but please find it in your hearts to forgive us anyway - on top of crazy schedules the last few weeks, Nisha and I are going through a sort of blog-related identity crisis, so cryptic as that sounds, that's the reason for our cyber-absence. More on that later, when we figure out where TCW and we are headed, but for now here's some quick fashion!

Net-a-porter, I know, is not exactly financially accessible for most of us. But I love their Magazine pages to help me get right on top of the biggest trends.

One of their latest and greatest features is their low-down on dresses - from the A Line to the Sack, you're going to Dress to Impress! It's a great resource to get you completely informed and help you figure out which style you like best or will like your body best. Next step, head to,, (in decreasing order of affordability) and shop, shop, shop!

On a slightly unrelated note, wedges + metallic = this gorgeous Gucci dream. I want!

And don't forget to take the Coutorture survey on the left, you guys! It's going to be a HUGE help to the network!

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