Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Keep Calm
How cute would this silk-screen look, hanging on a dorm room wall?

‘Keep calm and carry on’, a message fly-posted around Britain during World War Two, in order to prepare the public for invasion! These hand-pulled silk screen prints have been produced as a modern tribute to that statement.

I really want it in Plum but that colour's sold out.

£25.00 each + £6 Postage & Packaging, at

PS - I also have to apologise for the lack of posts, especially regarding New York Fashion Week. I've had a beyond-crazy past week. But starting tomorrow night I'm taking myself a little break - I'm going to get me some Rest, Relaxation and Retail therapy. And I'm also going to blog a whole lot. I'm actually taking off to New York, but unfortunately I don't have passes to any of the good Fashion Week shows. I may try to find some tiny off-site show that I can get into somewhere, though given that I'm trying to take a break, I'm not going to stress out too much about running around looking for a show. So while I don't want you to hold your breath for a personal account of a Fashion Week show, definitely watch this space for a lot of posts based on the photos provided by the fantastic people at Coutorture and ShopStyle!

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from Blogger Anne:
Ok these are everywhere now. I got mine from a little British bookstore called Barter Books for way cheaper (but it only comes in red). Google 'em if you like the red. I like the plum but I think mine was 1/3 the price.
from Anonymous Amy:
The original red is lovely, but i love the new colours! and i dont think the price is bad, they are prints rather than posters arent they? either way, fabulous!