Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Libertine for Target
The newest of Target's Go International Designers, Libertine, just released his collection today. So far, despite the fact that Target has gotten some impressive designers (Behnaz Sarafpour, anyone?), the actual collections have not been too exciting to me. But I continue to write about them here because, hey, on a college budget, it's worth checking out any high-end designer's cheap-chic collection.

Okay, I like this shirtdress. It's simple, but cute, and I like the length and the detailing. Would go well over jeans and with some fun jewelry.This skirt is definitely not bad either. I'm not thrilled with the skull and crossbones print, since we saw that everywhere last fall and I thought that look was over - but this skirt isn't bad.

This vest could be cute, but it's only problem is that you'll see millions of wannabe-punk girls aged 11-18 wearing this out every Friday night. It will get overdone, fast.

Overall, not a particularly impressive collection, but none of Target's Go International Collections really are ever that impressive.

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