Sunday, January 07, 2007
Style Obsession: Herve Chapelier bags
So I went on another day-long shopping trip today. It's okay, because once I get to campus next week I won't be shopping for a very, very long time, since there's no good shopping in the area. So it's justified if I overcompensate by shopping a lot now....right?

However, my favorite thing I bought today wasn't during my shopping trip-- it was an Herve Chapelier tote bag I just got on Ebay for $20! It's the 925N bag in Tarama/Moka.

I love the Herve Chapelier bags because they're fun and cute but also roomy and really practical. The 925N normally sells for $115, so getting it for $20 on Ebay (brand new, with tags still on) is really a steal. Anyways, my point: these are extremely practical for college life because they a)are waterproof and have a ziptop so your stuff will always be shielded form snow/rain; b)have plenty of space for your books and laptop; and c)come in every possible color combination you could dream of. This is definitely going to be my new bookbag for this semester!

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
I love your blog and style ideas usually, but this post seems to contradict your advice in your Friday post about mindlessly copying trends. I'm not sure if your school is similar, but at mine, Herve Chapelier and Longchamp bags are found on the arm of every single Ugg sporting, legging wearing sorority girl on campus. And I think a unique bag is a great way for someone to express personal style without taking an enormous risk. At least you bought it really cheap!
from Blogger Nisha:
Yeah, I agree with you about having unique bags but I guess our campuses totally vary! On my campus, the It bag on every girl's arm is a Vera Bradley bag, Coach bag, or Dooney & Bourke. When I was shopping around online for a new tote, those were the three I tried to avoid. I don't think I've seen a single Herve Chapelier bag on campus, ever. It's interesting how trends vary from region to region. Where do you go to school?
from Anonymous Anonymous:
I went to Tufts University (recent grad). I'm sure you'll find the bag is great for carrying books and other school stuff in any weather (as is necessary here in Boston), and if you are the only one on campus to have it, maybe you'll start a trend there!