Friday, January 05, 2007
TCW's Best College Fashion Trends of '06
And now, after several months of avid people-watching ("fashion-watching," as I heard it called on some other blog), my absolute favorite trends of '06 as seen on college campuses everywhere. And at the end, a few thoughts on trendiness vs. style.

1. Skinny jeans: This one is almost certainly a love-it-or-hate-it item. I lean far to the love-it side, because I adore how these jeans look when worn properly. I know skinny jeans are not forgiving to many body types, which is understandably unfair and the reason why so many fashionistas despise these. But seriously, don't you think they just look so chic and smart?

2. Big Belts: According to writers at (who also agree with me that Crocs must die!--see earlier post), "A waist is a terrible thing to waste. Get one in patent, satin, or leather to add some cinch to your figure. Do not wear it low slung on your hips. Only female cops are allowed in invest in holsters. " I couldn't agree more, and I loved seeing girls wearing big belts everywhere. If you haven't jumped on this trend yet, there's still plenty of time--big belts are sticking around in 07.

3. Pashminas. I saw a lot of cool scarves, but pashminas (real or not) are suddenly everywhere on my campus at least. I love love love them. I only have a couple but if I could I'd grab up a few more in different colors!

Sadly, those were the only few items in college fashion that I truly loved in 2006. In this post from Style Tribes, the author describes how college is filled with girls who mindlessly copy trends they see in magazines or on Rachel Zoe clones and wear head-to-toe Urban Outfitters or Forever21. Style doesn't have to be about following every single trend just because it's cool (uggs, leggings, crocs...) but rather, about wearing what looks good on you and fits your individual taste and personality. It is rare to see real people (as opposed to celebrities) take fashion risks and wear anything out of the ordinary; most of us just follow trends rather than making them. I read the most interesting post on The Ivy that stated basically this same thing. We don't all have to dress the same and follow the crowd! Dress how you feel and how you look best--don't just be a slave to trends in 2007!

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from Blogger Anne:
I got a pashmina on Ebay a year or two ago for something like $10. It's big but it's thin, and a lovely lime green color. I'd check there as I'm sure there's still quite a variety.
from Blogger Nisha:
To the anonymous commenter: point taken. It was unintentional and completely my mistake. thanks for pointing it out, and I corrected it immediately in the post.
from Anonymous Anonymous:
and if you are in the NYC area, you can find them on the street carts...for $5-$10 they're great, although not real.
from Anonymous Anonymous:
nisha -- good fix and classy response :) i look forward to continuing to read your blog!