Saturday, January 06, 2007
Style Obsession: Minis with dark tights
I love the minis-and-tights look--it's a fresher, preppier, more hip take on the ever-popular denim-mini-with-leggings look.

Instead of leggings, try opaque, solid-colored tights in rich, dark colors like black, burgundy, navy, or even fuschia. Pair with minis of all different kinds of styles. Instead of the ever-present denim mini, try pencil skirts, wool minis, or minis with bold prints.

Top it off with flats or wedges and a slew of colorful bangles. Or for a really daring, hot-off-the-runway look, try it with ankle boots!

(I couldn't find any suitable pictures online, so the following are shots I took out of the January issue of Lucky, hence the not-so-good quality. sorry! But if you'll notice, the model in the second shot is wearing her tights and minidress with ankle boots that match the color of her tights, a look which I think is great)

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from Blogger Melissa:
I'll gladly admit that I followed this trend today. I wore a pink tweed pencil skirt with my black opaque tights to church and it looked awesome.