Wednesday, January 03, 2007
TCW loves Lucky!
I think I've probably mentioned before that I'm not much of a Vogue reader--but I absolutely adore Lucky magazine. Everytime I read a new issue of Lucky, or re-read an issue for the millionth time, I feel the burning need to drop everything and go shopping.I consider it the fashion bible (or other scripture of your choice, as necessitated by such awesome congressmen as Keith Ellison!). Anyways. I already love Lucky as it is and find it full of great styling tips, cool new designers, and tons of style inspiration.

The only thing that could make me love Lucky more: their article "Coed Cool" on p. 132 of the January 2007 issue focuses on college fashion!! How fantastic is it that Lucky manages to give a nod to the cool, preppy classics of college wardobes? featured among the items in the article are perfectly tailored skinny button-downs, shrunken corduroy blazers, voluminous knee-length wool skirts (unbelievably hip in an off-beat, '70s sort of way), the most gorgeous, swingy leather purse, and much more. These are the kind of things I love about retro-collegiate style!

I wish I could scan the article, but my scanner is a) not installed on my new laptop and b)extremely low-quality and crappy. But to anyone who doesn't currently read Lucky, I highly recommend it, and I love their college fashion feature!

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