Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Some of my latest web obsessions
Someone asked me an interesting question recently: why do I choose to read fashion blogs over other fashion publications? Personally, I love fashion blogs because of the wide range of perspectives, the multitude of blogs out there, and the frequent updates--as opposed to waiting for your new issue every month. Aside from Lucky magazine, which I adore, I've pretty much made the transition from magazines over to blogs seamlessly. Here's a few that I've become particularly obsessed with lately, as I waste my winter break free time on the internet:

Sharplily: I think this website's slogan "sweet finds for smart girls" definitely resonates with many college students. I, for one, have never been particularly capable when it comes to financial matters, especially when dealing with my shopping habits. I absolutely LOVE Sharplily because not only do they feature tons of "sweet finds" on a budget, but read their "about" page and you'll find that they agree with me that style is not just for those with money. Though it maybe a challenge, those of us less blessed in the monetary arena can be just as stylish as the Park Avenue Princesses.

StyleDiary: This site is fun because you get to browse through the creator's never-ending slideshow of creative outfits, but the articles are even better, in my opinion. I love the features, such as the new Chicago shopping guide (since everyone at TCW is based in Chicago, we looove this), and the "toolbox" articles never fail to offer interesting perspectives and helpful tips ranging from new year's eve outfits to how to recover from a fashion slump. Plus, you can join MyStyleDiary and create your own lookbook of outfits. Personally, I have nowhere near the amount of time necessary for a StyleDiary, but it looks like fun!

Ivy League Chic: Here's another blog devoted to college life and fashion. The writer is a student at Cornell and always has a fresh perspective to offer on such things as Lindsay Lohan's deteriorating style, the differences between Miss America and Miss USA (trust me...it's interesting), and my favorite topic, "Sheep Style"...aka the style of millions of fashion-impaired college girls across America.

Almost Girl: This is the personal blog of Julie Fredrickson, founder of Coutorture Media. What I love about Almost Girl is that Julie, a University of Chicago graduate who dubbed her blog "Where Plato and Prada Meet," blogs about both fashion, life, news, arts, culture, media, politics...her blog is a veritable smorgasbord of not only fashion but everything else interesting about life.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!

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from Anonymous Sharp Lily:
Thanks so much, Love your site!
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It's nice to know that someone actually reads my musings. Keep up the good work in Chi-Town!