Monday, January 01, 2007
TCW's Top 5 Worst College Fashion Trends of 2006

Here's my roundup of the five worst trends in 2006, rampant on college campuses across America. Hopefully, these will all go out with 2006 and never be seen again.

1. Crocs: Okay, this one I never understood from the get-go. When I first saw them, I thought they were something you wear over your shoes in the rain or when you're gardening. then I started seeing people in my dorm wearing them. What possesses people to wear these ugly rubber shoes, I will never know.

2. Uggs: Aparna and I have said this one before and we'll say it again. Uggs were only cool on Paris Hilton in LA circa 2002. I know it takes about two years for a trend to make it from cities like LA & NY to the less-hip suburbs, but still, Uggs were over a long, long time ago. They're not cute, people! Especially when paired with minis or gauchos.

3. Leggings: In college fashion, there's something to be said for wearing something no one else is wearing. And, the reverse is true for wearing something EVERYONE IS WEARING. I've seen leggings under denim minis galore, I've seen leggings under dresses and shirtdresses, I've seen leggings under long t-shirts that are too short to be dresses, and it makes me hate leggings even more. So unless you want to look like yet another mindless college fashion victim or a Limited Too-loving preteen, stay away from this trend!

4. Gauchos: Are these pants comofrtable? Maybe. That's debatable. But are they unflattering, ugly, awkward, and prone to givng the wearer a bad case of camel-toe? YES.

5. Sweats to Class: Ok, I was guilty of this too. But only once! The just-rolled-out-of-bed look is not cool in class. I, for one, am resolving to dress up more for class. Don't you feel more productive when you look and feel clean and put-together?

Look for more posts coming soon on: New Year's Resolutions, the 5 Best College Fashion trends of 2006, style predictions for 2007, and how to transition your winter wardrobe to spring. Happy new year everyone!

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There are boys... frat boys... at my school that wear crocs. They aren't wearing them mockingly or ironically or even as a hazing joke. They wear them for all occasions in all seriousness and I cannot help myself but stare at their big, black, rubber crocs in complete disbelief.

Maybe I can find a way to forward this to them anonymously...

from Anonymous Anonymous:
From an unhip housewife in San Diego: you're great fun!
from Blogger Dinah:
Ok, crocs are all over the place like a plaque and I just do not get these things. Uggs are also something that I have been over for a long time but sure enough they are everywhere.... I love your list.