Thursday, January 04, 2007
Die, Blogger
I want to KILL Blogger right now. Not only has it been refusing to let me upload pictures for the last few days, forcing me to resort to putting pictures in posts the old-fashioned HTML way, but I just spent an hour writing a post I was really excited about that took me an excruciatingly long time (researching, typing, taking pictures and getting them on my computer and getting them hosted online, then inserting said pictures into the post the hard way) and upon hitting the "Publish" button, Blogger gave me a "We are unable to complete your request" message and deleted my entire post. All that work for nothing. Hopefully I will have the motivation to re-write it later when I am not completely dead tired.

Until then: do you hear me, Google guys? the new version of Blogger sucks!


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from Blogger Dinah:
Oh I totally feel your pain. The last posts I had took me hours...