Monday, December 11, 2006
Eternally Lust Listing
Kindly inform me, dear readers, if it bothers you that lately I've just been posting pictures of things I want which are largely very much out of our reach. I promise that once I get back to Singapore and am bored out of my skull I will drum up some exciting, useful posts. Not that TheCollegeWardrobe is only my last resort when I'm bored, but... you know what I mean, hopefully.

I want this Goldenbleu clutch very very much. Despite the fact that I'm really not a clutch kind of girl - I like to tote way too much stuff around with my for a clutch to be suitable during the day (and yes in fact you can, in my opinion, take a clutch to lunch or something; it does not have to be strictly reserved for night), and if it's the kind of nighttime occasion to which a clutch is appropriate, then I prefer not to take anything at all because that leaves my hands free (for drinks!) Plus when the drinking is over I don't need to remember what I brought with me. Trust me, this is a good practice.

So my point is, I want this clutch. Scrumptiously sleek patent leather. $300.


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from Blogger Moi:
Ooh that is a beautiful clutch. I've recently become quite fond of clutches. Funny for somebody who's always toting gigantic bags. A black clutch just adds a quiet elegance that no other bags can do.