Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Roll out of bed and go to class
So, let's ignore the timestamps on this blog for a second because they're on Singapore time. Here in Illinois, it is currently 12:12 am on Wednesday morning. I just got home from spending 4 hours studying at the library. I will probably be up for at least another 2 hours reviewing for my upcoming final exams. AND I have class at 9 am, in approximately nine hours. Needless to say, it doesn't look like I'll be getting enough sleep tonight, or ever.

On those mornings when you're just too get exhausted to get out of bed for early classes, forcing yourself to get ready for class can be a lost cause. But I just came across an awesome article that featured some extremely helpful time-saving tips for your morning get-ready routines. Remember: each of these tips can save you several precious minutes of sleep AND leave you looking well-rested and put together for class...what could be better?

Organize Your Makeup: Just like your mom put your outfit out the night before school, have your makeup out and ready to go so you're not running around looking for your things in the morning. Arrange products in the order you will put them on.

Prep Hair Ahead Of Time: If you straighten your hair, do it the night before or, if you use curlers, put them in first thing in the morning to let them set while you get ready. You can also save time with an ionic blow dryer, such as the T3 Tourmaline model. Testers say it can cut drying time by up to 60 percent.

Use Multi-Tasking Products: Save time by killing two birds with one stone. Go for 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 products. These multi-taskers save you from searching for multiple products and they remove extra steps. Examples include tinted moisturizers, moisturizers with sun block, multi-purpose makeup colors, conditioners combined with anti-frizz, and in-shower body moisturizers.
Use Bronzer For Instant Glow: Bronzers add a quick healthy glow to any complexion year round.

Don't Skip The Eyelash Curler: Curling your lashes instantly makes your eyes look wider and brighter. And know how to use one: starting at the base or root of the upper eyelashes and working your way out to the middle of the lashes.

Keep Vaseline Handy For Quick Fixes: Vaseline is a must-have beauty product. It's inexpensive and has multiple uses. You can apply on lips to moisturize, on upper cheeks for a "glow" or dewy effect, to smooth or tame brows, and to condition and darken eye lashes. It can also be used to fake a fresh manicure. Apply Vaseline on cuticles as a moisturizer when your nails look shabby and you have no time for a manicure. The sheen allows it to last longer than plain old hand cream.

Full article available here. Got any tips of your own to share? Feel free to comment!