Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Vivienne Westwood
I passed by the Nine West store on Michigan Ave (and the Magnificent Mile is indeed SO magnificent! I know I know I need to blog about the fantastic Banana Republic heels which I snagged on SALE) and the Vivienne Westwood stuff in the windows was honestly kind of ugly. Bright blue plaid with leather has the ultra-trendy edgy Anglomania thing going for it, but it looks just... weird. However Vivienne Westwood's an amazing designer and she happens to share my birthday and it's possible that some of the other designs for Nine West - I haven't surveyed the collection in its entirety - are actually magnificent, so here's a video of her interview at Macy's in New York City. Thanks to Fleishman-Hillard for emailing us about this. It's kind of cool to know that big companies like them are reading this little blog that I need to get around to updating!

Okay for some reason I'm unable to post the Youtube video directly on the blog, so here's a link. It's quite an interesting interview.


So watch the video, and check out her collection at www.ninewest.com :)

By the way I'm eternally sorry that I was busy during the entire NY Fashion Week period and didn't post any of the fantastic material that the wonderful folks at Coutorture procured. I hope that all our readers managed to get their NYFW fix from other blogs. I'm finally getting settled down with classes etc so I promise that a proper update is forthcoming. Cross my heart and hope to die!