Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Goodbye Singapore!
Less than 24 hours hours to go before I board my flight to New York! Still not done packing or anything, and am frantically trying to figure out what I can and can't take on board, how many pairs of shoes I can fit into one suitcase, whether all 7 bottles of shampoos deserve to be taken with me, and other life-and-death issues.

Thanks to the New York Times, I'm inspired to try a non-liquid-and-gel inflight beauty routine. It is fortunate that Singapore Airlines has a great inflight shop, where I hope to pick up some Shu Uemura goodies!

I will miss Singapore for the people I leave behind, the food and the little stores where it is possible to find bottles of Kerastase shampoo for the equivalent of about 15USD. And the sunshine, I think I will miss the sunshine. Also the rain, because Singapore being tropically situated gets a special kind of highly dramatic rain that is not found in temperate climates. I won't miss the year-round summer heat.

I'm looking forward to a place where my jar of Clinique moisturiser won't be generating an oil slick on my face within the hour. Where layering clothes is not a method of slowly roasting oneself. Where construction workers and weirdos aren't the only people walking around in boots. The land where Sephora is more than just a website, the land of J Crew and Gap and Nordstrom, my friends, I come to that land tomorrow.

Cue dramatic exit.

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
i'll miss you! for all sorts of reasons.

and at least in chicago you'll get some sun... whereas where i'll be, a great day is a day when it's only drizzling :( talk about depressing weather.

from Blogger Frapp:
Hahaha! Have a good flight!
from Anonymous Anonymous:
dont know if you answer readers questions or not...but i am looking for a cute comfy pair of tennis shoes that i can wear casually and wear at the gym. i usually get etnies but kinda want to spice things up. maybe an entry about cheap/cute/comfy athletic shoes could be in the near future? =]
from Blogger the muse:
Pshh...New York, used to live there, ah-dore it, but the weather? Not so much. It is usually and frighting lips-turning-blue cold, or of course a unbearable heat, where you feel like walking around times square naked. Which actually wouldn't be so out of the norm... So have fun!
from Anonymous Anonymous:
Wow! I'm so excited for you! My dream is to live in NY but I live all the way in Cali. !! I hope you have the best time - you'll probably spend most of it shopping yes you will you know you will :)
from Blogger Sara:
Best of luck to you! So excited for you!