Saturday, September 02, 2006
Which laptop?

I got the MacBook Pro! It is gorgeous. Right now I'm trying to acquaint myself with it and get used to the total un-Windowsness of it.

I know this isn't really fashion per se, but it is an important college-related choice and of course as with fashion, there is an aesthetic element to this decision.

So anyway, the dilemma is:

MacBook Pro or HP Pavilion DV2000 series?

The MacBook of course is all sexy sleekness and everyone's loving it; the HP is black and also sleek, the reviews are great and being a PC (HP, to be specific) user thus far there's a little unadventurous part of me that's telling me to stick to the tried-and-tested despite the legions of raving Mac Maniacs around the world. CONFUSION ensues.
Please offer advice, dear readers!

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
MAC! no competition.
jesus, woman. use your head! haha.
from Anonymous Anonymous:
Definetly MacBook Pro.
from Anonymous Anne:
I don't know why people are so militant about their computers, I have a HP Presario laptop and it has served me well for over 2 years now. Work, school, or surfing the web and shopping to excess, I am happy with it.
from Blogger Frapp:
I'd say Macbook Pro.
from Anonymous Anonymous:
HPs of course! macs look pretty but HPs have the whole 'hot professional' thing going on, and they're easier to use!
from Anonymous divashop:
I have a Mac & I love it!
from Anonymous Connie:
Mac's are cool until you actually have to do things besides AIM, take pictures of yourself, use word, or surf the internet. Plus, they only have one mouse clicker, which is just weird.

I say HP. I have the one in the picture and I am in serious love with it.
from Blogger Barneys Girl:
I just got the HP dv2000 Pavilion a month ago! I'm using it right now and I love how sleek and gorgeous it is. Plus it runs fabulously!