Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Lusting after...
Louboutin booties!

There is something so very deliciously seductive about those fire-engine red soles. I also have a weakness for shoes with some cute, whimsical detail on the back, like the bow on this one. Now if only they would cost substantially less than $925.

It does also come with this cute little keyring, but in my humble opinion you don't need no incentive to buy Louboutins, yo. (It's past 1am here, excuse the ghetto moment.) You just need lots of cold, hard cash :) One day, one day.

Also, if by chance they're selling this little keyring by itself for what is probably a lot less than $925, I would be tempted to own a little piece of Louboutin but this is hardly a replacement for the real thing and it doesn't even look like a shoe sole unless you know that it's supposed to be. So if it is available and you're tempted, I suggest saving the money and putting it in a Future Louboutin Fund for yourself instead.

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