Saturday, September 16, 2006
Still here!
Hi everyone! Just posting to inform all that I have arrived at university and am alive and well and all that - though last night when I got stuck in the restroom at a Chinese restaurant in dodgy ol' Hyde Park and was banging on the door hoping someone would hear, I did have a brief moment of panic about whether I'd ever make it out of there.

Julie at Coutorture's been sending loads of fantastic stuff over which I wish I had the time to post but unfortunately life has been pretty damn hectic lately and it's going to keep up this way for a while. I will update properly as soon as I can, promise!

Currently I'm unpacking in my new room which I moved into today, worrying about my math placement test tomorrow and wondering how long it'll take before my room begins to look like home (I should probably put some sheets on the bed first.)

Anyway, now that you're reassured about my continuing existence, back I go to stacking piles and piles of clothes on my bed and trying to decide how to fit them into the closet!


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from Anonymous joy:
Wow. You're college starts late... >< I'm been in school for a month already. Eep! Anyway, I'm glad you're doing fine (even though I'm not in your regular circle of commentors).