Wednesday, August 30, 2006
I know just two posts ago I said I wasn't going to be able to post too often, but minutes later I ended up posting that Louboutin pair and now here I am again. I think I'm overcompensating or something.

Anyway, real quick.

The Nordstrom site has the most AMAZING shoe selection ever. I've heard only the best things about the shoe department at physical Nordstrom stores, too. Check out The Divine Nine, and Boots Under $100. They probably also have Pumps Below $100 and Flats Below $100 and so on but the selection's so extensive and I'm so lazy, so check it out fully yourself.

Meanwhile, one of the best picks I chanced upon:

Penny Loves Kenny 'Boot Leg' Boot, $129.95, here.
It's not under $100 but it's definitely one of the most reasonably priced boots I've seen especially when it's genuine leather upper and in three amazing colours. Also, you can wear it cuffed like in this photo or not, which makes it even more worthwhile.

Black of course is classic, and white is great if you want to go for a colour that really pops, or if you like the mod trend going on this fall. I would go for the bronze in a heartbeat, because it's so unique but because it's just floating beautifully in between casual and dressy, it's fabulously versatile both in terms of occasions it can be worn to and colours it can be paired with. And they're very similar to a pair of Marc Jacobs boots a couple of years ago and those certainly were nowhere near as affordable as these!

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