Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Apologies and quick links!
Hey girls! I wanted to apologise for being so irregular with the posting -- I think the next few weeks posts from me are going to be quite rare because I'm leaving in a week and all the leaving-related things are taking up ALL my time.

Sooo just wanted to link you up with some good sites to tide you over!

I Am Fashion has a cool feature on school bags. More pricey than my own post on the same topic, but the more options the better, always!

Sharp Lily is always full of cute, affordable finds for various purposes -- from notebooks to purses to incredibly pretty trash bags!

Fabsugar has a great post on weekend bags, which I think are definitely useful for international students like me, and all students are fond of little weekend breaks wherever possible, right? Definitely have a look at these bags.

The Ivy, of course, is a fantastic resource for college students.

Omiru has a lovely idea for a first-day-of-school outfit.

The Stylephile has a feature on boots -- most of them are far from comfortable, but since my own post on boots is long overdue I hope this'll provide a little inspiration in the meantime!

Shoewawa for more shoes, from the cheap to the just-right-affordable to the ridiculously extravagant! They have shoes in the UK as well as US, which is nice for international readers. They also have a huge range of categories. Look for the $48 ruched flats from Urban Outfitters, and $119 Style&Co midcalf boots.

Also, Vera Wang's coming to Kohl's, Abaete is coming to Payless and Behnaz Sarafpour is coming to Target. It's a really good time to be young, impoverished and desirous of great fashion!

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