Thursday, August 24, 2006
Designer knockoffs
Hello! I have another question for the readers!

Would you buy a designer knockoff?
I have this anti-knockoff thing. I don't mind if it's inspired by and somewhat similar to a designer bag but when it's a blatant knockoff I really feel rather uncomfortable. It's partly that I don't want people to recognise it as a fake (and inevitably it'd be possible to tell, I myself am pretty good at spotting fakes) and think that I'm some useless person pretending to carry Vuitton and Dior, partly it's that I want to one day buy myself a REAL Chanel/Dior/Vuitton/Chloe/whatever and feel satisfied about it. Partly it's because as a lover of designers and fashion and everything I'd feel unhappy with myself for tarnishing the integrity of a beautiful design. For these reasons, the randomy LV/Gucci fakes that I've picked up in China and Bangkok are all rotting at the very back of my bag shelf.

Today I saw a very good Fendi B Bag lookalike, and if it weren't a designer knockoff I'd have snapped it up in a second -- Is there any better evidence for the superiority of design over brand name? It was also just 59 Singapore dollars, which is about US$37! Yet I stopped myself because I wondered if I'd ever feel happy carrying a bag which is pretending to be something it isn't really.

Alas, when finances are tight and there is a beautiful bag even if it doesn't bear a beautiful authentic Fendi label, one wonders if integrity should be compromised. It is a conundrum indeed.

Should I buy it? And if I do, should I get it in black, white or red?

Randomly, it occurred to me that if one day someone from Fendi stumbles across this site, my chances at a fabulous job in fashion are possibly ruined. Thus let me add a disclaimer that if I had a couple of million dollars lying around I'd gladly buy lots and lots of genuine designer handbags. I promise, one day I will be a loyal customer to all the big fashion houses that my bank balance can handle!


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from Anonymous Anonymous:
Personally, I wouldn't.

If you conisder that fashion is a design of someone else and when "knock-offs" are made, someone is stealing the other's idea.

I can see when there is something that is a general shape or idea being knocked off but when someone would clearly know that it's a Fendi(or any label) I'd be reluctant too in fear of appearing too "status-y"

I feel that for the money spent on a knock off, the same amount could be spent on something unique(and less expensive)and perhaps more timeless.
However, that is just my opinion. To each their own
from Anonymous Anonymous:
for me, it depends on the design and the brand. if it's something i really like, like the balenciaga, i wouldn't mind buying a knock-off or at least something inspired by it. but if it's something like the LV bags, than no way!

oh by the way, are you singaporean?

from Blogger aparna:
I agree about looking too "statusy". I think I'm going to avoid the bag, maybe I'll go for one of the patent leather bags at Mango instead.

Yup I'm from Singapore, m - are you?
from Anonymous Anonymous:
from Anonymous Anonymous:
Yes, I would.

Honestly, nowadays almost everything is knockoff.