Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Upcoming Shoe Posts
Ok so we've received two shoe requests: one for cute 'n' comfy, and another for affordable boots. So we're going to do three posts.

Part 1: Boots
Part 2: Flats
Part 3: Heels

For boots, I'm going to keep prices below US$150 and for flats/heels, below US$100. Hopefully I'll be able to stay really far below these limits!

Look out for these in the next week or so :)

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
This is probably a pretty unique problem, but i'm a Singaporean girl who has size 10.5 feet. I've more or less given up on shoe shopping, i only buy shoes when the previous pair has broken, and then mostly it's from holland v, which has been stocking the same shoes (more or less) since 1995. I can fit in a large 9, if it's wide enough at the toe and a little long, but for example - i've been looking for a pair of ballet flats for AGES and i haven't had any luck at all. I'd love to order shoes online, but i'm a little wary about shipping costs and fit. I mean, you live in Singapore, right? Where, how, what do you normally order online anyway?
from Blogger aparna:
Hi, you're right it is a pretty unique problem... to be honest and very apologetic, at this point I don't have any sort of solution for you. I haven't actually ever ordered shoes online, I'm paranoid about fit and everything.

One piece of advice is that if you do find an online store that you like and which ships to Singapore, make sure they have a return policy in case the fit doesn't work for you.

I have to say that I have yet to find a pair of ballet flats in Singapore that I really like. Ballet flats don't seem to be as popular a trend here as it is in other countries -- reasonable, I suppose, that because of the heat open-toed shoes make more sense.

I did like some ballet flats by Martina Pink at Tangs but I have no idea if they'd have your size; you could have a look. Another good shoe place is Substance at Wheelock Place, again no idea if they do larger sizes.

Of course, if money isn't an issue, Chanel and Tod's have the best ballet flats on the planet :) There's also On Pedder and Pedder Red at Takashimaya, which are pricey but are likely to have lots of international brands and sizes.

I hope I've helped in some small way -- if I do find out anything about good shoe sites that ship to Singapore/shoe stores in Singapore that might work for you, I will definitely post something!