Monday, August 14, 2006
Hot right now: collegiate fashion blogs
I haven't had much time to post lately, especially with it being my last week at home. I've got a lot of packing to do, some last-minute shopping of course, and I've been running around trying to see all my close high school friends before we head our separate ways. However, I've still been popping on the internet everyonce in a while to check CNN (aside from being a fashion junkie, I'm also a news junkie), my email, and all my favorite blogs. One thing I've noticed of late is that, like the College Wardrobe, many fashion blogs targeted at the college-going audience are cropping up all over the place. Here's a few of my absolute favorites, which I recommend to all those fellow college-fashion lovers out there:

The Ivy-written by college senior and English major Jamie, this magazine-style blog has lots of cool features for the fashion-obsessed, such as dorm space-saving tips, "creating an ensemble" features, and more.

Stylelike- an excellent blog written by an anonymous author who describes herself as "just another coed who says 'like' too much." Features tips and tricks for adapting hot trends for campus life.

Teenfashionista (Goes To College)--the first fashion blog I ever read, the one that introduced me to the whole world of fashion blogging and helped me develop my sense of style throughout my senior year of high school, is going to see some big changes! Author Casey is beginning her freshman year at University of Missouri, and her posts have lots of helpful info and tips that fellow college freshmen can relate to.

I think it's fantastic that the fashion blogosphere now includes many college students, too--finally, fashion can work fit the lifestyle and budget of college girls, too!

Happy blogging, everyone- I'm off to continue packing!

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from Blogger Jamie:
Nisha, thank you for mentioning me, that's so sweet of you! Good luck on your packing!
from Anonymous Anonymous:
would you guys do a post about bags for school large enough to hold laptops or books but sleek and cute? im having serious trouble. I wanted a Coach one, but they dont make the style I liked anymore.
Thanks for any help!! :)
from Blogger Nisha:
i'll see what i can do! i'm moving into my dorm on saturday, but if i get some free time in the next few days i'll try to put together a post on bookbags for you :-)
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