Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Hi I'm SO sorry I'm doing these giveaway posts almost more often than I'm doing an Actual Post, but I've been running around doing university-related things (which I know, is not as good of an reason as starting university or leaving for university which are what Casey and Nisha are doing currently) -- I never realised that growing up and going to another country to study involved so much preparation! On the bright side, some of it has been shopping, albeit for mundane things like suitcases, new contact lenses and new glasses.

Anywayyy here are some giveaways to cheer you up :)

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
The short lived Fashionateen! blog is dead. I can't figure out what my password was... so it is now housed under a new name...
Check it out!
from Anonymous Anonymous:
the giveaway thing says winners will be drawn on August 15th but this was posted on the 16th?