Monday, August 07, 2006
Splurge Item
You know how most girls are obsessed with shoes? I'm not really one of them. Before you start throwing stones and rotten eggs, let me state for the record that I know the importance of a great pair of heels, and god knows I've blown hundreds of dollars on shoes in my lifetime thus far, but really, deep down, I'm a bag person. My bag collection probably trumps my shoe collection and I certainly started collecting bags long before I started collecting shoes. I just love a pretty bag.

And when it comes to bags, you know as well as I do that there's nothing wrong with coveting one that's hundreds or thousands of dollars out of your budget. We're all waiting for the day when we'll graduate from college, get our fancy jobs and with the (hopefully first) paycheck, waltz into Marc Jacobs/Prada/Dior/Chloe and coolly hand over the credit card to pay for the season's It Bag. This fantasy, like all fantasies, is of course slightly skewed - in reality most stores don't have It Bags sitting in a row waiting to be picked up; normally such unglamorously earthly obstacles as waiting lists have to be dealt with first. But we're still living in fantasy land so it's okay. We'll continue pretending.

Since we've established that college girls are entitled to fantasy, every once in a while I'm going to indulge in some coveting of way-out-of-budget items on this blog. In terms of style, though, I'll keep them as college-appropriate as possible. Just so that you can be on the lookout for affordable knock-offs :)

So here's my pick for blow-the-budget bag which is also durable and very college-appropriate:

Jean Paul Gaultier Cross Body Hobo

Spotted this on The Bag Snob a couple of weeks ago and only today did I decide that the $995 pricetag is no reason not to post a picture or two here. The toffee colour above is beautiful and chicly casual, but I'm deeply, deeply, DEEPLY in lust with the snazzy, bold red below. And how cool is the strap detail? You can change the look around subtly just by tying it in a knot instead of looping it.

Oh, what would I give to be living in the land of paychecks and credit cards already!

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from Anonymous divashop:
Amen, I love a great bag!
Bags are my weak point.
from Blogger WWND:
Just happened upon your blog. Good job. Being a recent college graduate, I must say dressing was never an issue in school. It was all about jeans, tees, hoodies and accessories. As for the paycheck thing, sure you will definitely be making a lot more money when you graduate, but you have to take things like rent, commuting, food, utilities etc into account. :P
Aparna sounds like a bengali name, one of my close friends is called that and she's from Calcutta/Kolkata. :)
Do visit my blog. Will link you collegiates. Would love it if you did the same.
Nice job on your blog. We especially loved your cute organization technique of the closet, accessory shelves and the beauty drawer!
from Blogger Karinaxoxo:
Cool blog - I just came across it!!!!
Luv those bags as well... best thing about this type is that they are a great alternative to a backpack whilst travelling!! I used one when I went around NZL
from Blogger Frapp:
Oh if only...
from Blogger aparna:
Yeah I love how practical and roomy sling bags are, they're my staple bag.

WWND, Aparna is a Bengali name but I'm not Bengali. I was born in New Delhi, am racially South Indian and have grown up in Singapore. Hope that makes sense to you! Will link your blog :)
from Blogger WWND:
Hey Aparna: Makes perfect sense. I have an Indian friend who grew up in Hong Kong and then moved to the US. I've actually traveled across several cities in India (Delhi/Ajmer/Kolkata/etc) and I have also visited Singapore. I loooove Singapore, one of the best shopping destinations. I actually posted about Singapore and how I still clearly remember Sentosa Island (haha, total tourist, I know).

Anyway, Woman's Wear Non Daily now links to your blog. Thanks for the link.

Keep posting! :)
from Blogger k:
Love the bags, any of them would be great to take to college.
from Blogger chicstyle:
Just ran across your blog. Great job! As a fellow college student it is important to keep fashion affordable. I have a fashion blog as well where I try to display affordable fashions.
from Blogger Sarah:
love, love, love the red bag!