Sunday, January 28, 2007
Bobbi Brown Violet Palette
Ok I know I said that brown girls should stay far, far away from this Violet palette. This is because an experience I had about 3 years ago, when I was young and didn't know anything about beauty. I got a makeover at Estee Lauder where the saleslady put a really pretty violet on my eyelids - atleast it looked fantastic in the compact - and I blissfully walked away from the counter feeling on top of the world. And then I looked at my pictures from later that night, and decided that never again was I going to let anyone persuade me to put purple on my face because it made me look hideous. Thus the instant prejudice against the Violet Palette, which incidentally looks just as pretty as, if not prettier than, the Estee Lauder colour which screwed me over so many moons ago.
However, the MakeUpGirl has the following to say about this palette:
"Now brown girls, I know what you are thinking..."That's too pink for me..." NO IT ISN'T... Even though the palette is named Violet...I would categorize these colors are warm and rosey. They are very wearable and have no hint of chalkiness whatsoever."

So, fellow brown girls, if any of you give this palette a shot, tell me what you think of it!