Saturday, December 16, 2006
These Boots Are Made For Walking On Snowy Streets
So I have, thus far, been rather averse to Uggs - and I know Nisha shares this sentiment - but during my last week in Chicago, when I experienced my first snowstorm, I actually began to wonder if a pair of big fat furry snow boots might not be such a bad idea after all. It's just that my leather Kenneth Coles (which I love to death) despite being gorgeous and warm and knee-high, don't provide the greatest traction when walking on slippery, slushy ground. And I'm scared to death of wearing anything with heels on ground like that so my two other pairs of heeled boots are out of the question.

Yes, I'm a frightened little soul from sunny Singapore - who is currently hating that Singapore is so damn close to the sun, because the warmth and humidity are just about unbearable! But you have to admit, college girls do a fair amount of walking around campus; we don't quite have the luxury of stepping out of the limo and prancing into the building in our Louboutin stilettos.

Anyway, my point? I am searching for a pair of good, stylish-as-hell boots which are nevertheless designed to be just right for walking through the snowy streets of Chicago (or anywhere, really, in the temperate climes of the world where you may be subject to such a scenario.)

So here are ten options for your perusal.

Boot 1: Merrell Spirit Tibet High, $130 at
Now you must get these in white, because white is chic enough to pull off an athletic-looking boot like this. I love the toggles on the side, too -- very reminiscent of the toggle coats that are so hot this year. Please don't wear these with a toggle coat though, that would be Too Much Toggle.
Boot 2: Minnetonka Front Lace Boot, $62.95 at
Take a cue from Kate Moss, who has been rocking these boots for years with little skirts and shorts. Layer a pair of wool tights underneath to keep yer pins warm and toasty.
Boot 3: Hush Puppies 'Broadway', $135 at
Stylish non-slip boots from veterans of comfort footwear design. And in case you're inclined to like fur on your boots, these have just that little bit of fur around the edges to satisfy your needs without overdoing it.
Boot 4: Palladium Valencia Tall, $73.89 at
Try these burgundy beauties for a shot of much-needed colour in your winter wardrobe.

Boot 5: Ugg Dunwich, $200 (SALE) at
I know I said Uggs were not cool, but I have to make a qualification to that statement -- I don't like the regular, 'Classic', fat Uggs. However, there are some sleeker models that manage to warm the cockles of my heart. Like these. I love the deep chocolate brown and the buckles on the sides. I would get these Uggs in an instant if they weren't so expensive.

Boot 6: Michael Kors Delta Gum Booties, $215 at
So if at all I ventured to wear something that wasn't safely, boringly flat, I would pick these. The wedge is comfortably chic and the sole appears to have ridges that will keep you from slipping and breaking your bones for fashion (although one always appreciates such true devotion, going to such an extreme is quite unnecessary - I'm sure you'll agree.)

Boot 7: Report Starla boots, $81.99 at
One more with wedge heels. I think I may actually go for a pair with wedges, because they tend to have well-designed soles and they're so chic. I love the little pom-poms on this pair. Adorable.

Boot 8: Somethin' Else by Skechers, $49.99 at
Extremely comfy and affordable, plus buckles on the side keep it fresh.

Boot 9: Dr Martens Jolie Lace-Up, $104.99 at
For the girl with heaps of attitude.

Boot 10: Trotters 'Frost' Boot, $54.95 at Nordstrom
As practical, durable and inexpensive as you can get without losing points for style.

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
Get ready for some Uggs love:

I'm okay with them. Okay. I own a pair of them. But I do not commit any of the following offenses: uggs with mini and tights, uggs with any outfit I've spent more than three minutes putting together, jeans tucked into uggs. Thing is, it's real 'effing cold in St. Louis, and on days when I'm so far past giving a crap, uggs work great. I think trying to work them into anything trendy is ridiculous, what with them being out four years ago, but when your primary concern is not freezing to death on the way to an 8:30am class, they serve well.

There. Diatribe over.
from Anonymous Melissa:
I'll admit, I find a lot of these boots cute. Now my only dilema is this, at 5 foot 2 inches, can I actually wear any of them? I've always been slightly reticent to wear knee high boots but I've never fully gotten an answer on what is and isn't acceptable. What do you think?