Wednesday, November 15, 2006
So how much do you love the new picture?
I hate to be so self-flattering (actually that's not true, I don't care much about being seen as egotistical) but I love this picture. It's my favourite pictures from the ones I took in New York in September. This particular one is from the day before New York Fashion Week began, which was tragically also the day I left New York for Chicago. If I'd stayed on in New York for a couple of days I'd have definitely devised some ingenious way to get myself into the tents at Bryant Park.

So yeah the whole theme of Vying and Begging and Mad for designer duds? Perfectly sums up the fashion-crazy college girl's existence, in my not-so-humble opinion. We're (most of us) still at the stage where we're dreaming of owning those perfect little YSL booties, lusting after the Marni coats, coveting the Temperley dresses and trying to make do with the new mass-market luxury trend which is going on right now. But Roland Mouret for Gap, as many have discovered, is hardly the Roland Mouret perfection that we've seen on the catwalks.

For now, while we Pine For Proenza we'll keep on dreaming of the day when we'll be whizzing around New York in one of those cute yellow cabs, on our way to a fantastic show at Bryant Park.

Speaking of shows at Bryant Park, there's a new fashionista in the blogosphere!
Check out View From The Fourth Row. It's honest, outrageous and downright hilarious!


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