Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving!
So Thanksgiving is finally here!

I'm off to New York for the rest of the week, to get some much-needed Rest, Relaxation and Retail Therapy. Enjoy yourselves, my dear fellow college girls. You deserve it. And don't forget to take full advantage of all the full post-Thanksgiving sales.

If you want to start bargain-hunting right now, Fabsugar has a great list of Friends&Family discounts available online.

And before I go off to finally start packing, here's a little picture of J.Lo and her latest dress. I think she's a big ol' diva and she's made some terrible fashion choices in the past (to say the least) but every once in a while she puts on a glorious dress like this, and it just makes my jaw drop. That colour is just gorgeous. I have such a weakness for clothes that are any sort of red.