Monday, November 06, 2006
Sweet Smell of Denim
I thought this was interesting, because I have a friend who's obsessed with designer denim and I was wondering if he'd go so far as to invest in a pair of sugar-scented jeans.

From the New York Times --

"In addition to such urgent matters as straightness of seam or skinnyness of leg, designer-denim fanatics have something new to obsess over: aroma. Sugar Cane, a 40-year-old line that is available in the United States for the first time is made of Japanese selvage and spun with sugar-cane fibers, to emphasize the fabric’s subtle shading. The men’s jeans — some with a button fly and a stovepipe cut cribbed from vintage Levi’s — are about $300. Three styles, and one very sweet aroma."

At Blue in Green, 8 Greene Street, New York City.