Thursday, November 02, 2006
Mind games

It disturbs me a fair bit that when I saw that picture on Popsugar, I just had one glance at the back of her head (didn't even scroll down to see the jeans and the boots) and I knew it was Gisele.

Also the next thing I noticed was that she's carrying a Dior Gaucho. For a moment I wondered if it might be a Bottega Veneta but the little buckle on the handle is clearly a Gaucho trademark. And the other pictures confirmed my suspicions.

I think it's clear that I spend far too much of my time surfing fashion/celeb gossip websites. I should probably reallocate some of my time to making my mind work faster when it comes to... math or economics or something. Or maybe get around to giving you girls a good ol' fashion-filled post! I've been obsessed with coats lately so I think a post is forthcoming. Hang tight!

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