Monday, August 06, 2007
I Want These Shoes.

J Crew is king of preppy -- great for basics, but rarely inspiring and any pieces that ever crawl towards the verge of fashion-forwardness are almost always enormously overpriced (read: Talitha Getty-inspired maxi-dress, originally priced at a ridiculous $495, now down to $299 and I bet it's still not exactly flying off shelves - at prices like that, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want a print that you'd get sick of after wearing it once), but occasionally they do have some things that make me go weak in the knees. Pricey at $250, so I'll have to wait and see if they go on sale at some point. But they are fabulous. They look like they're your great-great-grandmother's dancing shoes from when she was the belle of the ball in the 1920s or something (okay I totally made that up because there is not the faintest chance any of my great-great-grandmothers wore shoes like that but maybe one of you do!)

They look gorgeously vintage, like they've been loved and lived in and danced in, except that they're NEW! i couldn't bring myself to wear real vintage shoes, that's just a line i don't think i could cross, so i love finding shoes that look vintage but with the assurance that no one else's gross sweaty feet have been in them before yours :) and these shoes, i would love them with all my heart but i wouldn't have to cry if i got them a little scuffed up!


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from Blogger AshleyPE:
Those shoes are to-die-for! Great find! I would love to exchange links. My fashion blog, EB Rue, can be found at
Thank you!,
from Blogger Noel:
Oh those are adorable! I definitely have a thing for mary jane heels, especially when the heels aren't stilletos!
from Blogger cotton candy:
those shoes are gorgeous. want want want very much!! mmm...
from Blogger Reese:
Check out the Chie Mihara Mary Janes (apppropriately called Jane) on Also love the Corso Como Candy. I happen to wear size 12 and these guys sell to size 13 and 14 which is cool. Anyway, these are great Mary Jane alternatives. chie is not much cheaper but Corso Como is
from Anonymous Anonymous:
When are you guys going to update again?! misssssss you!
from Anonymous Azale:
Those shoes are to die for!
Love your blog! I will definitely keep reading!