Saturday, August 05, 2006
The Endless Bag

Spotted on FabSugar:

This is potentially very very useful. This bag features vertical zippers so you can remove sections to adjust the length. It can carry a yoga mat (which will be useful when I get round to picking up yoga properly - which I plan to in university), it can carry posters or oversized documents or canvas (which would be useful if I were an art student or something) or tripods (if I owned lots of fancy camera equipment) or just function as a small travel purse (if I needed more of those). So, um, it may not really be practical for me but given that it's fantastically multi-purpose, lightweight and it looks quite cute, it could be a very good investment for some college girl out there. Only thing is, yoga mat's not included. Which makes it slightly pricey for a yoga mat bag at $55.95.

If all this works out for you, get it here at the MoMA online store.


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I plan to do the yoga thing in college, too! In fact, my college gym features a class called "piloga" - how cool is that?

Very cute bag!
from Blogger aparna:
Haha that must be like yogilates - on the OC in Season 1, I remember Sandy saying 'yogilates' over and over because he liked the sound of it.

I've gotta say, I've tried both pilates and yoga and they're very tough, I can only imagine that piloga/yogilates must be even tougher!