Friday, August 04, 2006
V for Versatility
I have officially began packing my wardrobe life up for college, and it's going rather well. I was dreading the "should I bring it or leave it?" process, but my excitement has eased the difficulty.

As try and stay focused on folding and packing (which usually turns into trying on dozens of outfits and wasting hours "styling" myself), I have begun realized the enormous significance of versatility. As my boxes fill up, I have started to weed out clothes by how many places and situations I can wear them in. I'm bringing dozens of polos, and I'm not about to consolidate, because they can worn to class, to stores, to dinner, to parties, to study, and to hang out with a quick change of bottoms, accessories, and shoes. They show serious versatility, season-wise, too. Alone during early fall, under a cardigan for late fall, and layered over a thermal and under and cozy hoodie when that bitter Missouri winter arrives.

Here are five versatile items every wardrobe needs this fall (and every fall thereafter):

The oxford shirt
• Wear alone and leave the top few (more if you're feeling scandelous) buttons undone. Add a killer necklace... or three.
• Add a belt around the natural waist line.
• Layer under a sweater... I would recommend a deep V neck paired with an extra starchy collar
• Dig out your brooches from two seasons ago and cinch the waist.
• Wear under a blazer, over a tunic, with a cardigan, under a vest. Not necessarily at the same time.

The scarf
• Tie around the waist of a cardigan, tee, or tunic for a hip spin and a flattering shape.
• Skip the necklace, and tie it around your neck vintage-style
• Wear as a handband/headwrap (like this floral silk scarf, from Intuition). Very Jackie O. vacationing in Bermuda.
• Wear as a "scarf" top or halter... but you must, must, must skip the minis and opt for skinny jeans, cropped trousers, or something equally covered-up
• Tie on your purse, tote, or satchel strap

The flats
• Flats work with mini skirts, dresses of all lengths, skinny pants, trousers, Bermudas, cropped pants, and cuffed shorts. Did I mention they go with everything?
• The beauty of the flat is that they are as stylish as comfortable (if you shop wisely - flats can be as uncomfortable as the tallest stiletto if they fit wrong). They are the ideal shoe for walking alllll the way across campus without succumbing to the "athletic shoe" or "foam flip flop." Eww.
• Spice up an otherwise average ensemb with a pair of kicky flats... choose catchy patterns, rainbow bright colors, or offbeat details (like these rhinestone-toe flats, from Intuition).

The blazer
• A tailored-to-fit blazer (it doesn't literally have to be tailored, but it should look that way) can be worn as a casual chilly weather topper.
• Layer over a polo or tunic, cuff the sleeves neatly... not '80s style.
• Tie a sash or ribbon around the waist. Adds a femme spin and makes a conservative "office" piece "after" hours-appropriate.

The skinny pants
• A pair of denim skinnies will be indispensable this year. They can be worn [very] casually as easily as they can be dressed up.
• A tunic, belt, and flats is a simple combination that can be put together in minutes. Up the style quotient with a stack of bangles.
• Throw your summer mini dresses over your slim jeans, then top with a cardi or blazer. Voila! Insta-style.
• For a spin on the "jeans and sweatshirt" combination, wear your skinnies (like celeb-favored J Brand jeans, from Intuition)with an embroidered zip hoodie and tunic camisole. Easy-peasy, even at 8 am.

And if all else fails, wear that college sweatshirt with your skinny jeans, a polo, and flats. While I don't necessarily endorse the "popped collar," it looks ironically cool peekie out from a hoodie. Seriously!

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from Blogger Nisha:
excellent post. I'm in love with Levi's skinny jeans, I just bought two pairs in my back-to-school shopping spree