Wednesday, January 24, 2007
This has nothing at all to do with fashion
Is it just me or do Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling bear uncanny resemblance to one another? When I read that Mr Gosling had been nominated for an Oscar, I was like "Yay! That's the guy from The Notebook! Rachel McAdams's boyfriend! I like him! I'm happy for him!"

And then I saw a picture of Ryan Reynolds and I thought "Wait, isn't THAT the guy from The Notebook? So who's the guy who got the Oscar nod?"

To solve the pressing mystery, I turned to imdb for help and discovered that Rachel McAdams's boyfriend is indeed the lucky Oscar nominee, and that Ryan Reynolds shares his name and occasionally his face.

Guess who's who?

Okay I guess the one on top is cuter. But they do look amazingly similar, don't they?
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from Blogger Rebecca:
They're both really good looking...Ryan Gosling just looks less pretty in this particular pic, lol. Plus, they're both Canadian! Whoo!
from Anonymous Anonymous:
Ryan Reynolds is absurdly, painfully hot. Seriously, "Amityville Horror" was worth watching just for him running around, wearing only wet pajama bottoms for the majority of the movie. So hot. Also, cute hat! And was engaged to Alanis, which means we could all be so lucky!
- Mel
from Anonymous elizabeth:
I will always hold a place in my heart for Ryan Reynolds because he played Billy the younger rebellious drummer on the Canadian teen soap Fifteen (which was on Nickelodeon back in the early 90s)...memories...