Monday, January 22, 2007
I am normally the first person to brutally denounce Paris Hilton, but how cute does she look in this outfit? Except for the suburban trophy wife hair, I mean. I think the polo minidress with white mary janes is so, so adorable. And you gotta admit, she does have a great pair of legs. Does this girl ever even go to the gym or is she just incredibly genetically blessed?
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from Anonymous maya:
ooh very cute. i kinda like the hair too, though... :S

here are a couple of questions considering 2 of you are indian... how do ya'll pick foundation? and colors for eyeshadow/blush/lipstick? i can never figure out what suits me!

and since i'm a first time commenter i just have to say that i luuurve your blog. :)
from Blogger Aparna:
Hey Maya,

I guess the hair looks pretty decent in this picture but there was another one where it was all poofy in the front and looked... well it definitely didn't look like appropriate hair for this outfit. I'm not a huge fan of Paris's hair, it's too bleached-out and full of extensions for my tastes.

And for the make-up thing, I have so much to say that I think it deserves a post of its own so that'll be up shortly.
from Anonymous Anonymous:
College wardrobe, the answer to your question is yes, she is just incredibly genetically blessed, she claims in her book she say she doesn't work out and to eat as much fast food junk food as much as possible, I'm sooo jealous
from Anonymous Anonymous:
yeah I don't believe that for a second. I know it's what she wrote in her book, but I got the impression she was lying just to boost her ego and make people jealous of her. She talks in that book about how she absolutely never works out and eats all the junk/fast food she wants, but the whole tone comes off pretty arrogant, so I think she was totally lying about that...