Saturday, January 27, 2007
Looks To Be Inspired By
I am an ardent reader of - after the New York Times, that's my next stop for Important News Of The Day. Not only do I get the latest scoop on my favourite celebs, but I loooove looking at the Star Tracks pictures, just to see what are the latest and greatest looks being worn by them. They do, after all, have access to some of the best fashion the world has to offer. This is not to say that Hollywood is at the forefront of fashion at all, but I love to be inspired by the Hollywood girls who get it right.

Keira Knightley in a painfully chic trouser suit. I love the widelegged trousers with the fitted jacket. I really don't like KK as an actress, and she's not even normally worthy of a best-dressed prize, but I really like this look on her. Great accessories as well - who would've thought to pair a menswear-looking hat with a bright red clutch? Her friend as well - for an older woman, she knows how to look good.

Rachel McAdams setting off her pink-and-blonde hair with a sexy black dress. Loving the smokey eyes and nude strappy sandals.

This is my favourite - Kate Middleton (okay she's not Hollywood by any means, but she's definitely rising in the celeb stakes and she's developing a very acute sense for fashion. She's one to look out for.) I am on the hunt for a swingy little grey tweed skirt to wear with a blazer, tights and slouchy boots. I wore a black skirt the other day with black tights and my new black slouchy boots, which was pretty cool but a grey skirt with a little bit of movement about it would have been perfect.

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from Anonymous Anonymous:
i think that's keira knightley's not sure how much im loving Rachel McAdams' new hair but i think she pulls it off without looking all skanky like say Pink