Friday, December 22, 2006
Oh, holiday procrastination...
So I'm cooped up in my house right now during the holidays, with no one but my crazy relatives and my laptop for company, so here I am on blogger! This week, I finally began my holiday shopping--I know. After 4 months of little to no shopping in the cornfields of central Illinois, it was refreshing to visit all my favorites stores on Michigan Avenue and State Street in Chicago.

I was particularly interested to see the new Macy's, because as you all know, the Marshall Field's on State St., a store steeped in Chicago history, was recently converted to Macy's and no one in Chicago is happy about this. Call me a traitor, but...the new Macy's wasn't bad! I spent an inordinate amount of time hovering over the Lush bath products and cosmetics, which all just smelled SO GOOD that I couldn't tear myself away.

Therefore, even though it is two days till Christmas, I know some of you out there share my eternally procrastinating tendencies, so I am posting another holiday gift under $20: Lush's Karma Kream moisturizer. Actually, if you really want to get picky, it's 21.60, but worth every penny. This lotion has an absolutely amazing, exotic fragrance that lasts all day, and is really effective on dry skin.

Blogger is being problematic this evening and won't let me upload a picture of it, but you can all check out Karma Kream and all of Lush's other fabulous products here.

Happy holidays!

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